Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fern Flower : Blazing Heart that shines from the world of the sun people on Summer solstice night

“Long ago, the earth was inhabited by happy, joyful and never dying people. They could easily switch the shape of their bodies, turning form humans into animals or plants. If someone wanted to become an eagle, he had to grow wings and fly, if someone wanted to blossom as a rose, he had to ask mother-Earth for such a gift and then grow and blossom, giving joy to himself and the others.

But the Black God who had sown so many evil grains in the world, was envying the good beings. So, he divided each of them into a man and a woman. At that very moment, hater and vice appeared in the nature, predators roared in the forests and plains, clouds of bugs and mosquitoes rose into the air craving for blood.

Yet, even then people learned how to find their halves and become a whole being. And it happened as follows.

When the Black God divided the inhabitants of our world into men and women, each one had an open spot on the chest. Through this spot the heart was seen. The heart that was not sleeping even at night. When it would meet its other half, it would blaze with multicolor fire and long to become a whole being again.

Then, the king of darkness ordered to close the open heart spot from the very childhood, so that people wouldn’t even be able to hear the sound in their own chests. Thus, little by little, love got extinct in the world and everyone forgot the time when never dying people lived on the earth.

But one day, a boy by the name of Faith was born in the farthest mountains. His parents were seldom going down to the plains, and for that reason, the servants of the Black God weren’t able to close the heart spot on his chest on time. And his heart shone through it, burning like fire. 

When Faith grew up, he left the mountains and went to the places where people lived. The servants of the darkness got worried and started following the boy who was traveling from town to town, looking for at least one person with an open heart.

Days went by, then years, but his search was vain – there was not a single light on the whole endless earth.

Then, the young man started coming to the houses where children were born, whose heart spots were not yet closed by the servants of the Black God. That’s how he found a little girl by the name of Hope; her heart flared up at him. Just as Faith took Hope in his arms, they became one whole being, and no servant of darkness could come close to that Blazing Heart.

The Black God got scared that his evil deeds would be undone. So, he decided to do even a greater ill. He separated the whole world into two: the one that we live in, and the other that our grandparents used to call “the world of the people of the sun”. That world has different flowers, trees, animals, birds, bugs – people can only see them in their dreams.

To that second world the Black God chased the Blazing Heart, the whole being Faith and Hope turned into. But the king of darkness didn’t notice that the Blazing Heart took with it a little fern root. 


Ever since then, this ancient plant grows in both worlds. This is why, looking for a prodigious love, lovers go to the forest on Summer solstice night and can see the fiery fern flower – it’s the Blazing Heart that shines from the world of the sun people. And if a person can touch his chest with the flower, which is closely and fiercely guarded by the evil spirits, he will be able to see it all.

Only those who don’t know say that the fern flower gives people access to gold, precious stones and other earthly riches. Oh no! The lucky person can see the true treasure of wisdom and love…”

An ancient legend by Oles Berdnik translated by Kateryna Kei